chapter  Session 4
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Facing the Fear

The first step in learning to control anxiety is to define the anxiety-giving situation. Using the 'Anxiety-giving situation form' group members can list all the situations in which they feel excessive anxiety. These can include obsessive compulsive activities, phobias, etc. They also need to write down how anxious they are in the situation, on a scale of 0–100. The stage before group members start facing their fears is a good time to invite them to look at what they will gain from the process. This can then be used as a motivating instrument and a constant reminder of what they have to gain – especially when set-backs occur. The therapist must ask everyone to open their eyes and re-orientate themselves to the group again. He/she must ask participants for feedback from their experience then explain that for the exercise to work they must believe that they can make changes, and practice the process regularly – several times each day.