chapter  Session 8
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Developing a support network and a healthy lifestyle

A support network is comprised of the people or groups of people who help, support and share their lives with each other. Support networks can include: teachers, counsellor, sparents, friends, clubs, doctor, day centre, support groupwork, colleagues, sons/daughters, grandparents, relatives, students, education, classes, employers, social workers, landlords, and neighbours. Knowledge of how to develop support networks and have individual needs met through them is a skill. There are many situations in life in which it is helpful to have support. In order to assess their personal support networks group members need to look at what support they have. In order to do this, it is helpful to draw their own personal network. Information about activities available in different areas is usually available in local libraries and recreation and leisure facilities. When under stress, everyone's digestive system slows down. It is essential that everyone make time for leisure activities, hobbies or whatever they find relaxing and enjoyable.