chapter  8
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Analyzing Phenomenological Material

ByMark D. Vagle

In phenomenological research, like other qualitative research methodologies, it is difficult to separate gathering of phenomenological material from analysis of phenomenological material. Descriptive, interpretive, and reflective lifeworld approaches have a substantive commitment to a whole-part-whole analysis method. As with all phenomenological work, phenomenological material should be analyzed based on the type of approach using. Many qualitative methodologists emphasize the importance of triangulation in order to more fully justify claims, and therefore increase the validity of any themes, assertions, categories and so on. In qualitative research methodologies, triangulation has been used as a metaphor to represent how one might find the "coordinates" from multiple sources in order to "find" findings. A related matter associated with the question of triangulation is whether it is wise to use a computer software program such as NVIVO to analyze phenomenological material.