chapter  10
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Post-Intentional Phenomenological Research Methodology

ByMark D. Vagle

Phenomenology is first and foremost a philosophy. Phenomenology is a research methodology offering an organizing strategy for researching lived experiences. Although the phenomenon in post-intentional phenomenology has shifted to being seen as a social apparatus, human lived experience is still a central part of most post-intentional studies. A commitment to phenomenological research insists competence of methods to equal parts philosophical exploration, scholarship, and understanding. The phenomenon of a changing spatial perspective most likely inhabits all humans, not only in places, but also across time. Although the aims and methods of the phenomenologies transform over time, a commitment to investigating intentionality remains central. In post-intentional phenomenology, like other phenomenological research approaches, researchers go to those who have experienced the phenomenon of interest through the use of common qualitative gathering techniques such as interviews, observations, and writings to describe/interpret the phenomenon.