chapter  5
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Possible Methodological Approaches

ByMark D. Vagle

There are many methodological approaches available for phenomenological researchers. The author describes various approaches to crafting phenomenological research, at the 10K level. Given the continual growing, shifting ways in which phenomenological research is practiced, those new to crafting phenomenological research are often left with questions about where to start. In order to craft phenomenological research it is important to slow down and really dwell with the phenomenon. Amedeo Giorgi consistently uses the word "description" to communicate both the data one collects from those who have experienced the phenomenon and what the researcher crafts in order to communicate the invariant meanings based on his or her analysis. Giorgi stresses the importance of employing the phenomenological reduction in order to describe the phenomenon. The origins of the phenomenological reduction stem from Edmund Husserl, and involve different levels, the most radical being the transcendental reduction in which "one transcends the perspective of human consciousness".