chapter  7
Bringing Ourselves into the Therapy Room
WithJoanne Zucchetto, Simone Jacobs, Ly Vick Johnson
Pages 20

This chapter discusses the importance of bringing our passionate, whole, professional, authentic selves into the therapy room. The therapist has to connect with the client’s hurt, pain, and shame while at the same time be aware of their personal limitations and maintain firm but flexible boundaries. We discuss the power of confronting the fear and helplessness in the client as well as in ourselves. We discuss the ability to “stand still” and be present with the client’s emotions rather than being drawn into the pain and shame. We discuss the importance of respecting the methods our clients used to survive the un-survivable through normalization – “anyone would have behaved like you did in that situation” – and compassion about their bad feelings about what they had to do to survive.