chapter  10
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Stories for feeling good about life

BySue Jennings

Families will often tell stories from the past both to remind people of an awful event and to share memories of good things, important people and their influences. However, 'looked-after children' rarely have that opportunity, unless they were adopted as very small babies. Older children in care or adopted do, of course, have a history, which may include stories of abuse or neglect, but they rarely have the opportunity to share them. This is why storytelling is an important part of play therapy and dramatherapy. The story of the nine daughters of Atargatis is an example of children being neglected by their birth mother and being cared for by doves in the forest. The nine daughters of Atargatis are Delphine, Alysson, Hermione, Sabrina, Anita, Melusine, Lorelei, Merlene, and Undine.