chapter  2
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Stories about nature, theatre and play

BySue Jennings

The Story of the Old Forest introduces a theme that is dear to the author heart: caring for the environment. This is the 'nature' aspect of the nature–theatre–play philosophy. The art in nature model refers to selected artistic and playful approaches utilized by nature therapy. Nature therapy has been developed as a valid alternative for children 'at risk'. Stories also provide a small space, in which children can address larger, more complex issues and normalize experiences beyond their understanding. Stories are bought to life in the theatre but also within the class or group. Children should be encouraged to choose a story to enact and to spend time developing the characters and design. Children who struggle with words can act out the story non-verbally or through a series of 'body-sculpts'. Body-sculpting is one of the most flexible techniques and is especially useful for people who struggle with words.