chapter  11
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The Social Foundations of Fascism

WithE. A. Preobrazhensky

The course of events in Germany, which is threatened with a fascist dictatorship, raises with particular immediacy the question of a correct theoretical analysis of the roots of fascism. When fascism first appeared on the historical scene it seemed to many to be one of the forms of capital's self-defense against the developing proletarian revolution. This chapter demonstrates that fascism is the form of the bourgeois state in the period of monopolistic capitalism, the final stage of capitalism's existence; and shows how the fascist form of state inevitably cuts a path for itself once development of the productive forces in bourgeois society comes to a halt. The German bourgeoisie is attempting to restore a certain equilibrium to the country's economic life on a capitalist basis. As for England, its old-fashioned democracy continues to survive mainly by virtue of the support English capital receives from its investments in the colonies, Dominions, and other countries.