chapter  13
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The General Crisis of Capitalism

WithE. A. Preobrazhensky

The first and most important contradiction of contemporary capitalism is the systematic growth of a redundant working population, occurring at the same time as an enormous growth of unused means of production. Being particularly characteristic of postwar capitalism, this process has become even more acute during the present crisis. Today capitalism is putting millions and millions of additional workers "out of the running" along with ever-growing masses of capital. In countries producing material and means of consumption, many of which are either colonies such as India, or dependent upon the powerful capitalist countries, such as the states of South America, the crisis is creating deep unrest. In the colonies the national movement is being reinforced; in the countries of South America there are endless "revolutions". The entire periphery of European and American capitalism is either in a state of profound ferment and struggle for emancipation, or else, like China, enduring endless civil war.