chapter  7
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‘Prayer for Cleansing’

Salvation, forgiveness and redemption

This chapter explores the relationship to the concept of salvation as it is expressed and enacted within Straight Edge as a means of continuing to explore the efficacy of the subculture as a surrogate for 'religion'. It outlines the terminology and the concept before focusing on salvation within Straight Edge as another aspect of Bailey's intensive concerns extensive effects. Typically, the term salvation operates in a theological framework, usually referring to the religious notion of deliverance from sin and its consequences. Although Straight Edge has, for many of its adherents, disentangled salvation from a divine being and a supernatural force, the question remains if it has challenged, altered or even noticed the colonial universalising validation. Straight Edge adherents locate salvation within the mundane realities of life, often of survival. It is much more of a pragmatic notion than one might typically find within 'religion' or 'religious' institutions.