chapter  8
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‘The Faith’


This conclusion presents some closing thoughts discussed in the preceding chapters of this book. The book focuses on why adherents to subcultures, such as Straight Edge, draw such distinctions between the two: between 'religion' and 'faith' or 'spirituality'. It outlines the various means by which dominant norms in relation to accessibility, gender, race and even 'religion' were challenged – to various degrees of success. The subcultural capital of movements such as Straight Edge are often considered to be shallow, especially when compared to the cultural capital of something like traditional 'religion' or even newly emerging 'religions'. The book explores the antagonistic history between many elements of punk towards 'religion' and noted that within Straight Edge there was a move towards embracing carefully chosen aspects or traditions such as Hare Krishna, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity. It shows that the community is a blending of personal and collective identities to ensure personal (and collective) integrity, honour, accountability and authenticity.