chapter  1
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Genetic Patenting: Knowledge, Global Governance and the Anti-GM Movement

ByDerrick A. Purdue

Patenting allows the privatization of presently available crops with minor genetic change, as has been done with the spice turmeric or basmati rice, both widely used in Indian cooking, and parts of the Neem tree long used as toothpaste in India. The emergent anti-genetically modified (GM) movement appropriated the frame of biodiversity to insist that agricultural biodiversity is, if anything, more important than 'natural' biodiversity. The value of biodiversity in crops is that genetic variation allows adaptation to changing conditions, such as weather, pests and weeds, as well as changing human food needs and desires –growing season, taste, texture, suitability for different cooking styles. The concept of governance has been used to indicate a steady shift from government to greater participation of first the private sector, and then civil society in the policy process, across a wide range of policy areas. Social movements consist of loosely connected social networks, that embody a collective identity.;