chapter  5
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Cosmopolitan Networking: Counter-Experts and Global Civil Society

ByDerrick A. Purdue

This chapter presents a case study of an event in which seed activists meet to embody global networks. It explores the global nature of the anti-genetically modified (anti-GM) movement will become clear in the global Non-Governmental Organization networks come together to frame global issues of biodiversity and seed patenting and takes collective action to engage with global governance. The anti-GM movement's identity frame had to link cosmopolitan counter-experts and local seed savers in a collective solidarity, which allowed the cosmopolitans to speak on behalf of the locals, without loss of credibility. The anti-GM movement framed the ethical issues of patenting in terms of both justice and sustainability. Leading actors within the anti-GM movement attempted to frame the issues of concern, the collective identity and agency of the movement at a global level. The international symposium in Bern was a moment in which the anti-GM movement constituted itself as a set of counter-expert networks within global civil society.