chapter  6
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Global Civil Society and Global Governance: NGOs and the FAO in Leipzig

ByDerrick A. Purdue

Global governance is a field on which hegemonic projects are played out. There are numerous global institutions. Their connections and ordering are organized by the play of power through the whole field of global governance. This chapter concentrates on Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) activity representing civil society in the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), a global institution forming part of the regime regulating global gene flows. In the process of mobilizing around the FAO, NGOs also consolidated their global civil society networks to strengthen the global anti-GM movement. Every level of the Leipzig process displayed a key mechanism of hegemony -the marginalized inclusion of oppositional discourse. The presence and intervention of the NGOs served to disrupt the smooth functioning of the FAO, and challenge the legitimacy of the collaboration between private financial interests and bureaucratic inertia on behalf of the excluded global civil society.