chapter  6
The Hebrew Conflict with Canaan
WithArthur Gibson
Pages 41

The detailed debate of the form and the identity of the Hebrew conquest of Canaan are somewhat adjectival, though it is relevant to its concerns to investigate aspects of the ruling paradigm which tends to dispose scholars to privilege certain diachronic models over others. Perhaps Semites in Egypt would tend to reflect many of these Canaanite elements rather than classic Egyptian functions. The resulting admixture would have a strong, albeit off-key, marginal resemblance to certain Canaanite features in the sites which they took over when arriving in Canaan. There are fundamental theological, linguistic and archaeological problems about how Canaanite culture influenced the Hebrews and the production of the Bible in anti-Canaanite polemics. The Old Testament of the Ugaritic, and other data about Asherah as a consort for ’il, and of the foregoing analysis have been illuminated by the discoveries at Kuntillet ‘Ajrud in southern Palestine.