chapter  1
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Care Management, Coordinated and Integrated Care

WithDavid Challis, John Chesterman, Rosemary Luckett, Karen Stewart, Rosemary Chessum

This chapter examines intensive care management for frail older people, designed to provide a realistic community-based approach to long-term care for vulnerable people. The contribution of care management to the long-term care of older people spans the policy agenda of the 1990s and that of the new millennium. In a review of care management implementation, as part of an evaluation of the impact of Caring for People, five key areas for development were identified. The five key areas are: assessment; definition of care management; differentiation of care management; service development; and integrating health and social care. The Gateshead study assumes importance through being one of the studies of care management for highly vulnerable people which were influential in shaping certain aspects of the UK community care reforms. The chapter also presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters of this book.