chapter  6
God’s attributes
Pages 14

This chapter elucidates that there is an immaterial and intelligent Being, that created our Souls: which Being was either eternal itself, or created immediately or ultimately by some other Eternal, that has all those Perfections. Hard on the heels of the five ways, Aquinas has a lengthy discussion of the attributes of God—attributes which, if the arguments involved are successful, may weaken or remove objections which are standardly made to the five ways. Aquinas discusses the attributes of God, particularly in ST, SCG, and De Potentia. Another feature of the properties of God, whatever they may be, is that they are one and all incommunicable. The chapter explores what are the important qualities of God. Thomas starts with God's simplicity, and then presents unity, arguing that there is precisely one God. Aquinas offers three arguments for unity, one of which he shares with Maimonides, and one that requires the identity of indiscernibles.