chapter  7
24 Pages

The Learner: Pre-Instruction Considerations

ByCheryl A. Coker

The learning process is highly dependent on quality practitioner-learner interactions. Recognizing the influence of individual differences—such as learning style, past experiences, and level of motivation—on how learners receive information enables the teacher, coach, or therapist to provide instruction and design experiences that are meaningful for each individual. Not only are the individual elements of Dunn and Dunn's model important considerations in designing the learning environment. Be sure to compare the fundamental movement pattern, strategic and conceptual aspects, perceptual elements and temporal and spatial elements. The chapter predicts negative transfer when the skill being introduced has an identical stimulus to previously learned skill but requires a different response. It expects positive transfer to occur between the skills of picking up buttons and picking up coins, whereas the amount of transfer between putting and an instep kick in soccer would be negligible. The chapter examines several subcomponents of skills to determine their degree of similarity and assess the potential for positive transfer.