chapter  4
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ByJonathan David Lewis

Wild behavior represents a special danger for lost brands. Inconsistency undermines many of the fundamental requirements of resilience. Shortsightedness encourages opportunistic behavior, undercuts strategy, and can actually increase desperation as tactic after tactic fails. Three common psychological behaviors manifest themselves when companies find themselves under pressure: hypoactivity/cognitive paralysis, stereotypical behavior/perseveration, and hyperactivity. Where hypoactivity is marked by a pronounced slowing in thought, speech, and movement, cognitive paralysis is a state of complete inaction. The US National Library of Medicine describes hyperactivity as a state of heighted activity that includes "impulsiveness," "a shorter attention span," and an "inability concentrating". If the common psychological behaviors experienced under pressure aren't bad enough, there are a number of conditions that can make the situation worse. The survivors of the Andes airplane crash suffered from these behaviors in a variety of ways, even long after the immediate stress of the crash had passed.