chapter  7
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ByJonathan David Lewis

Survival experts recommend a variety of methods to orient leaders and navigate difficult terrain. These methods can be summed up in three steps: read the signs; build a map; and focus on short-term goals. While most people who are lost in the wilderness have little to no knowledge of the plethora of information around them, the shrewd outdoorsman knows how to read the signs. In The SAS Survival Handbook, Wiseman recommends building a map to fill in gaps in knowledge, writing, "The survivor may not be lucky enough to have a map and should then set about making one". Jobs acted swiftly to establish Apple's version of the Bearings Cycle by determining the company's first landmark: draconian focus on product development. The ambiguity of The Wild can make survival seem unthinkable, and the ability of leaders like Jobs and Shackleton to navigate uncertainty is often regarded as beyond an average person's reach.