chapter  8
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ByJonathan David Lewis

Focus is the antithesis of The Wild. Focus is built on uncommon self-awareness. And while The Wild overwhelms with unknowable amounts of information, focus takes advantage of few, but powerful, points of insight. LEGO found focus not by changing but by returning to what it does best: building awesome toys. LEGO then drifted from its core toy business altogether, splitting its focus among a litany of line extensions, including video games, theme parks, clothing, and more. Strangely, just as companies like LEGO can lose focus because of fear, fear also has the power to bring powerful clarity. Truth is the beginning of focus and the enemy of The Wild. The Andes survivors had plenty of theories, but they only had one truth: "to the west is Chile". Focus is a by-product of brand purpose and cannot exist outside of it.