chapter  4
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Labour Force Participation Trends (1979–1994)

WithAraceli Damián

Despite that some authors, during the 1970s, recognised the relevance of demand side-factors in explaining changes in the level of labour force participation rates in Mexico, there was widespread concern about employment conditions in Mexico. Although several attempts have been made to define the concepts of employment and unemployment; the complexity of the labour market makes it very difficult to construct an objective concept of employment/unemployment. Population censuses, which are normally considered to be the sources that provide consistent information about employment, have been challenged on several grounds. Changes in the definition of unpaid work mostly affected the number of female workers and their distribution by economic activity. It has been suggested that the National Economic Censuses in Mexico provide valuable information on recorded or "formal" activities. Employment surveys and economic censuses report a number of transforming trends in the labour market during the 1980s and the first half of the 1990s.