chapter  5
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Labour Markets in Mexico City and Xalpa

WithAraceli Damián

One of the main pieces of evidence that support the idea of a deterioration in labour conditions in Mexico City has been the reduction in salaried employment and in manufacturing activities. Employment figures on Mexico City show that during the years that immediately followed the 1982 economic crisis the proportion of salaried work declined. Employment surveys report a decline in the manufacturing sector in favour of higher employment in services and in commerce during the 1980s, both at the country level and in Mexico City. Expert opinion suggests that the 1982 economic crisis negatively affected the economy of major cities, where a large proportion of manufacturing activities is concentrated. Improvements in educational levels were also reflected in schooling differences between parents and children. Gender studies have documented women's disadvantaged position in the labour market. Employment data on Mexico City suggest that most of the changes in composition of labour force have paralleled the transformation of the economy of Mexico City.