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Key Features of a Master Conflict

ByStephen J. Betchen, Heather L. Davidson

This chapter discusses the key features of a master conflict and highlighted the influence it can wield, even over our choice of partner. It shows that a master conflict unconsciously determines who we choose for a significant other, and that we pick someone with the same master conflict. The strength of a conflict is dependent on several factors, all of which the therapist must be mindful of when assessing a couple presenting for treatment. The first factor that contributes to the power of the master conflict is the depth of the couple's pain. An unbalanced master conflict may inflict great pain on a couple. The second factor to consider when examining the power of a master conflict is the length of time that the conflict has been symptomatic. A careful examination of the power of external factors on the development and maintenance of the master conflict is recommended. The therapist must consider the couple's ability to achieve a healthy relationship.