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ByStephen J. Betchen, Heather L. Davidson

This chapter presents assessment process—a process that includes using the genogram to examine each partner's family of origin and the couple's interactional style. It shows that because every couple has a master conflict, Master conflict therapy (MCT) can be applied to couples of every race, religion, ethnicity, and orientation. The formal assessment commences once the proper paperwork is filled out, the rules of treatment discussed, and a few pleasantries exchanged. In tune with Weeks and Fife, individual sessions, if balanced between partners, can be useful in the context of couple’s therapy. There are more cancellations in couple's therapy because of the nature of the work: two people must show for treatment, and then the odds of something going wrong are far greater, especially if they have careers and children. Contradictions may present in verbal or behavioral form and are the most important indicator of a master conflict—they are the heart of MCT.