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Selected Sexual Issues

ByStephen J. Betchen, Heather L. Davidson

T. Taormino conducted in-depth interviews with over a hundred male and female swingers. The author found that most male swingers identified as heterosexuals and most women as heterosexual, bi-curious, or bisexual. There are many potential venues for swingers to practice their lifestyle: private homes, hotels, private clubs, or via vacation destinations, such as cruises to exotic locations. Open relationships merit clear and strong boundaries and their own rules of etiquette. Experiencing childhood sexual abuse can contribute to a myriad of relationship issues such as: problems with attachment and trust, sexual difficulties, greater relationship instability, and difficulties with boundaries. Survivors of child sexual abuse are also more at risk for becoming involved in abusive relationships. According to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy over half of the households in the United States have Internet service, and approximately 20–30% of Internet users go online for sexual purposes.