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ByStephen J. Betchen, Heather L. Davidson

Friedrich Nietzsche was influenced by the great composer Wagner. Nietzsche believed Wagner to be a creative genius, and he loved the revolutionary spirit of his work. He considered the composer one of "the most important men in German arts and letters since Goethe's death". In Master conflict therapy (MCT), the authors’ have borrowed certain aspects from psychoanalytic theory and technique, Bowen theory, and principles and practice of sex therapy. Whether treating couples chose the arduous task of balancing their conflicts and alleviating their symptoms, or to end their relationships, the counterintuitive style of MCT provoked movement, even if in a shocking way. Accepting both sides of a conflict offers a couple too much responsibility for their symptoms—a burden they tend to reject with a vengeance. MCT is quite useful in treating individuals with non-sexual symptoms in individual or conjoint treatment.