chapter  1
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Human Security and International Relations

ByRory Keane

This chapter aims to deliver a means to human emancipation, by fulfilling need, duty and desire. In this respect the causes of insecurity must be deciphered, challenged and replaced with a sense of human security or ontological security. Human security is based upon the complex fusion between Innenwelt and Umwelt, between agent and structure. Within International Relations today the principal cause of human insecurity stems from intra-state conflict. The chapter shows how intra-state insecurity can be eradicated, through a reinterpretation of International Relations theory. In achieving this aim it is necessary to reduce the primacy of the nation state as the overriding unit of analysis within IR. In mapping the contours of IR theory if may be more useful and accurate to speak of punctuations on the graph of IR theory. Ken Booth attempts to broaden the focus of International Relations theory.