chapter  6
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‘Shades of Skybolt’, February–May 1967

ByMatthew Jones

By early 1967, Zuckerman's interventions over nuclear policy from his new position at the Cabinet Office were becoming the cause of understandable tensions with his former colleagues at the MoD. Having first complained to the Prime Minister, Zuckerman wrote to Healey at Wilson's prompting in order to clarify any misunderstanding that may have arisen over the advice that he was now tendering to Wilson and the Foreign Secretary, compared to that which he had offered while at the MoD. Considering the confusion resulting from the efforts in January to gauge American opinions, Wilson thought to convene another meeting of the Ministerial Committee on Nuclear Policy in order to agree what line should be taken during any fresh approach. The MoD's resistance to the procedure being followed by Zuckerman was made plain throughout. Cook reported to Healey that he was unable to move Zuckerman, who had stood firm on point that both the Americans and Trend had subscribed to his approach.