chapter  II
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Review of P. Lemerle, Le premier humanisme byzantin. Notes et remarques sur enseignement et culture à Byzance des origines au Xe siècle

To illustrate this assertion, only one point shall be presented; namely, the foundation of a school by Emperor Theodosios II, which L. discusses on p. 63 f. under the title, ‘Theodose et l’Universite d’Etat.’ This touches on one of L.’s theses upon which the reviewer has a different view, particularly concerning public higher education or state influence on it.1 In this regard Theodosios’

1 The reviewer had finished a longer study on education in Byzantium {Die kaiserliche Universitdt von Konstantinopel. Prazisierungzur Frage des Hoheren Schulwesen in Byzanz im 9. und 10. Jahrhundert) when L .’s book was published. The resulting revision postponed the publication o f this work.