chapter  V
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A Byzantine Depiction of Ancient Athens

The title of the poem has to be interpreted in the same way:11 I t ix o i tou ... MixaqA tou XcoviaTou erri tq apysTunop aviOTopqoei ttoAecax; ‘A0qvd>v. While avioTopqoic; - as far as I can see not recorded - even in connection with the interpretation of the poem - stands undoubtedly for a depiction,12 the apx€Tuno<; cannot be precisely defined. It seems to mean that the old, the ‘original’ Athens was depicted,13 and maybe simultaneously that the depiction was also something new, something exemplary. Being different from the customary etc; in tituli, the i n i might finally point toward the fact that the picture was the stimulus for the poem, but it was not written specifically for that occasion. Despite these uncertainties the title supports the assumption that Michael had a city view of ancient Athens made and wrote a poem in connection with it.14