chapter  XVIII
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Marginalia to Corippus’ Poem In Laudem Iustini Augusti Minoris

In this regard some of the results of the seminar are very significant and are to be published here.

The most important result may be put as follows: the text of LI is corrupt to a greater degree than has formerly been assumed.3 A preliminary word on this:

This essay arose from the joint work o f members o f the Byzantinisches Seminar at the Freie Universitat Berlin. In the seminar o f the summer semester 1988 there took part not only by being present: Katarina Belovukovic, Pantelis Carelos, Claudia Ludwig, Eckart Neumeister, Juan Signes Codoner, Beate Zielke. Ms. Ludwig and Mr. Signes merit special thanks also for their critical additions when reading the proofs.