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Introduction to Part Two

ByCamille Bonora-Waisman

This part introduction presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters. The part is concerned with the political dialogue process which was started by the Algerian authorities in order to bring the opposition to participate in the new political institutions they had created and in the 1995 presidential election. It is devoted to the Algerian government's dialogue with the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS). Dialogue with the FIS is a key issue not only because the FIS was at the centre of the political rift in Algeria but also because dialogue with the FIS had institutionalised the 'eradicator/conciliator' split in Algerian politics and in the Algerian power structure. Very important as well was the government's view that French economic aid to Algeria may have to be tied to political conditions in order to push the Algerian regime into a political solution involving a wide political dialogue and democratization.