chapter  1
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Domestic Politics in Algeria

ByCamille Bonora-Waisman

This chapter looks at the political dialogue initiative of March 1993 - October 1994. It examines the various stages of the dialogue process and the Algerian government's goal in organizing such talks and focuses on the authorities' negotiations with the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS). The chapter looks at the political divide between 'conciliators' and 'eradicators' which has commanded much of Algeria's politics in the past few years. It explores why the negotiations with the FIS failed and also looks at the issue of the genuineness of the authorities in talking to the FIS. The chapter describes the Rome initiative or the formation of an opposition front incorporating the FIS, before commenting on the results of the November 1995 Algerian presidential election. As for the Algerian government, it simply condemned the Rome initiative and accused the Catholic community of Sant' Egidio of interference in Algeria's domestic affairs. Organizing several protest demonstrations, eradicators have denounced the Algerian authorities' contacts with the FIS.