chapter  6
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Palestinian and religious politics ascendant

BySandler Shmuel

This chapter relates to religion and foreign policy from both the perspective of domestic politics and religion. In the case of Israel the dimensions of domestic politics and religion are even more pertinent to foreign policy because of the issue of what are known as the "Occupied Territories", versus the resolution of the question of a Palestinian state. The formal policy of the Revisionist party, was that the Jewish state was entitled to inhabit the whole of its historic homeland on both sides of the Jordan River. The experience of the 1967 and 1973 wars had a singular effect on the national religious sector of Israeli society. The transformation of the national religious sector from a constant ally of the leftist Labor camp to the rightist Likud camp was a pivotal event in the political map of Israel. The basic tenet of religious Zionism is a synthesis between modernity and religion.