chapter  17
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Combining and Summarizing Approaches

WithStuart S. Nagel

This chapter identifies seven approaches to super-optimum solutions. It can serve as one set of models for further development and analysis. Public administration and public policy and public productivity can only benefit from more expansionists and multi-criteria decision making. The super-optimum alternative seems to involve three key elements. The first is that the land needs to be bought from the present land owners, rather than confiscated. The second element is that lots of land needs to be involved. The third element is the need to use modern technologies in a cooperative way to overcome the divisive effect of distributing the land in relatively small parcels to the landless peasants. With this combination of Super-optimum solutions (SOS) elements, one can have agricultural productivity and equity simultaneously, enabling that combination to be a strong winner on both the liberal totals and the conservative totals.