chapter  3
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SOS Allocation by Expanding the Budget

WithStuart S. Nagel

The Super-optimum solutions (SOS) analysis based on increasing the budget emphasizes expanding the budget just enough to be able to arrive at an SOS allocation where conservative and liberal best expectations are exceeded, rather than where each viewpoint gets an infinite, excessive or unrealistic amount. There are a number of possible alternatives of a general nature. First, the legislature could be convinced to appropriate additional funds in view of the importance of the goals to be achieved and the positive marginal rate of return from investing in each of the budget categories. Second, universities raise large amount of money through grants from foundations. Third, funds can be raised through income-generating activities of the courts and the police themselves. The key idea in this context is the importance of thinking beyond the traditional allocation analysis which tends to take a budget constraint as a given and talks in terms of how to allocate between the budget categories within that dollar amount.