chapter  6
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Redefining the Problem

WithStuart S. Nagel

Quite often a highly emotional controversy between liberals and conservatives may be capable of being resolved beyond the best expectations of each side through the approach of redefining the problem. The problem is trilingualism in Philippine primary education. The alternatives are only English in the schools, only Filipino in the schools, both English and Filipino. The emphasis is placed on substance that is relevant to national productivity. The Super-optimum solutions (SOS) can be referred to as the language of productivity. This is English, but with an emphasis on subject matters that are likely to encourage a work ethic, technical skills, appreciation of science, creativity and efficiency. In any SOS adoption, there may be problems of vested interests, property and jobs. Changing procedural rules may often change substantive results contrary to powerful interest groups, such as where the procedural change makes it harder or easier for one side to win.