chapter  7
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Increasing Benefits and Decreasing Costs

WithStuart S. Nagel

A useful perspective to have for generating Super-optimum solutions (SOS) solutions is to think in terms of reducing costs and increasing benefits simultaneously. Like many of the methods for generating SOS solutions, this may run contrary to conventional thinking. One SOS alternative is to make more use of modern technology whereby one can lower the costs, especially of the number of teachers needed while simultaneously increasing many aspects of the learning experience. One kind of technology for doing this is computer-assisted instruction (CAI). Thus, through modern educational technology, one teacher could possibly supervise two or three classrooms working with CAI with or without a video component. The SOS position might emphasize subsidies to develop technologies that could provide greater safety than we currently have at even lower cost. Such technology might make more use of computerized flight control, including computer-assisted flying from take-off to landing. Doing so could save salary costs while providing increased benefits similar to the computer-assisted instruction.