chapter  8
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Early Socialization

WithStuart S. Nagel

The conservative goal in civil liberties matters tends to endorse majority rule regarding free speech, due process for people accused of crimes and equal treatment for groups that have been discriminated against. Conservatives as of the 1990s therefore tend to advocate judicial restraint, rather than vigorous judicial review. The liberal position advocates a more activist judicial review in terms of nullifying governmental acts that conflict with constitutional rights. The idea of supplementing restrained judicial review with the appropriate socialization should appeal to both conservatives who emphasize majority rule in civil liberties and liberals who emphasize minority rights. Socialization could be discussed across every field of public policy. If one is going to have a super-optimum society, the kinds of attitude children have with regard to discrimination, poverty, world peace, crime, education, consumer-merchant relations, labor-management relations, free speech and fair procedure are important.