chapter  1
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Drones in Agriculture

ByK. R. Krishna

Drones collect and allow us to store a large posse of digital data about crops, soil and disease/pest attack that are required during precision farming. Drones offer economic advantages to farmers by reducing inputs and need for farm labour. Drone service agencies that cater to farmer's immediate needs are a very recent development within the realm of agriculture. Keane and Carr and Newcome have reviewed the historical aspects of drone technology. Agricultural drones made of low-cost wood and cameras attached to them have been in vogue, since past 5 years in Latin American nations such as Peru. Drones are classified and grouped using several criteria. On the basis of the purpose for which they are deployed and used in military, drones could be classified as 'target and decoy types'. Most commonly used sensors on agricultural drones are the red, green and blue in the visual bandwidth, near-infrared and infrared.