chapter  10
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Drones in agriculture: summary and future course

ByK. R. Krishna

Agriculture drones may be adopted frequently during phenotyping of field and plantation crops and also to develop crop surface model. Drones are among the gadgets that seem to shift, from predominantly military usage to farm lands. An interesting forecast relevant to farm drone states that 'what started as military technology, may in due course end up as most important agricultural gadget that improves, farmers' efficiency and his profits.' Drones have actually moved fairly quickly from military barracks and garrisons into agrarian expanses. Drone images that depict soil fertility variations are of great value to farmers and agricultural consultancy agencies. Agricultural drones are a boon to human kind, as they promise to offer better crop production efficiency and higher grain harvests. Drones, in future, will offer digital data and maps about soil fertility and moisture. Yield forecasting is essential to farmers and commercial farms.