chapter  7
34 Pages

Drones in crop disease and pest control

ByK. R. Krishna

This chapter focuses on crop disease scouting, mapping its spread and intensity and application of chemicals using drones. It deals with use of drones to scout for insect pests, obtain digital imagery and data about pests. Farmers are also conversant with pest control methods that adopt 'biological control'. There is no doubt that diseases and pests affect a very wide range of agricultural crops. Drone technology has been applied to detect several other crop diseases. Detecting insect infestations at an early stage, mapping the crop damage and adopting pesticide sprays employing drones seem mostly appropriate. Initial reactions for use of drones to detect insect pests that attack crops are very encouraging. For example, United Soybean Board has mentioned that drones are excellent tools in the hands of farm technicians dealing with precision techniques. Insect species affecting individual trees can be identified, because images by drones are usually sharp and clear.