chapter  8
23 Pages

Drones in crop yield estimation and forecasting

ByK. R. Krishna

This chapter explores the use of drones to provide imagery of crop at various stages of growth from seedling till seed set. It explains terminologies and methods already available. They are related to combine harvesters and crop yield mapping methods adopted within these farm vehicles. The usage of drones in yield forecasting is still rudimentary. There are a few recent examples, where in, drone's role in yield estimation using red, green and blue optical sensors. Crop yield occurs in different forms based on crop species and its portion harvested and utilized. Crop yield achieved is actually an end result of interaction of crop genotype, soil properties, environment and production inputs. Potential yield is the expected grain yield with the best suited variety, adopting best soil, water and crop management procedures, and in the absence of abiotic and biotic stresses.