chapter  6
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The 1996 National Postal Strike

ByGregor Gall

The 1996 strike over the Employee Agenda (EA) was not only the largest in Britain in the 1990s by days not worked and number of workers involved, it was also essentially a strike against teamworking that was, on balance, successful. This chapter analyses the roots of the 1996 strikes before examining the strikes themselves. It assesses the outcome of the strikes, and the forces and processes that shaped their nature and form. The document reflected and articulated widespread and deep-seated member fears and anger about the EA. A special conference in late 1995 decided that unless there was a satisfactory outcome to talks on staffing deliveries and the maintenance of deliveries by February 1996 then a ballot on industrial action would run. The meeting was called 'Not on the Agenda' from which the lay officials who called it, for the purposes of clarity, are called NOTA.