chapter  11
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“Sua Infocata Devotione”

Vittoria della Rovere and the Reliquary Chapel of Santa Maria Maddalena de’ Pazzi Nobile Fiorentina1
WithAdelina Modesti, Adelina Modesti

Vittoria della Rovere’s spirituality also expressed itself through her special veneration for the local visionary Santa Maria Maddalena de’ Pazzi, whose cult the Grand Duchess revived and perpetuated. She passionately sought the visionary’s sanctification and played a central role in the Saint’s 1685 translation to the new Reliquary Chapel at Borgo Pinti, for which she ordered and gifted a magnificent gold filigree crown among other luxury items. Whilst her son’s patronage of the chapel and the 1685 celebrations have been well studied, cultural historians have paid less attention to Vittoria’s role in both the Saint’s canonization and the 1685 translation. This chapter will examine the Grand Duchess’s crucial role in the Medici’s generational female patronage of this significant Florentine Saint.