chapter  6
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Interdependence, Conflicts and Power in International Relations

WithZlatko Isakovic

Different forms of interdependence have predominated through history. There are two basic reasons for the differences in the ways of expressing and using political power in internal political and international relations. First, power in international relations is based on a specific type of interdependence existing between the subjects of those relations. Secondly, that type of interdependence, coupled with the actions of many actors and factors calls for the use of special procedures. Raymond Aron believed that conflict arises when two political units, social groups or individuals require the same thing or try to accomplish incompatible aims. Political guidance in international interdependent relations strives to fulfil the interests of social groups in line with the positions of all of them within the community. If the fulfilment of interests on the international plane implies undertaking actions enabling the fulfilment of one's own interests without endangering interests of others, then one may expect processes of co-operation in the two parties' relations.