chapter  2
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Talent development

ByRené Wormhoudt, Geert J.P. Savelsbergh, Jan Willem Teunissen, Keith Davids

Jean Cote and colleagues have described a more age-specific approach to talent development. One of the most compelling pieces of literature in the domain of talent development comes from the pen of Benjamin Bloom. Even an athlete's ability to learn can be an indication for talent. Brain development is crucial for learning motor skills in sports. The cognitive processes can provide insights into how well a developing athlete can engage with a learning environment to improve his/her performance. Recent literature on athlete development in sport programmes proposes the need for a more holistic approach, which has a greater focus on personal development. This chapter presents a case for an athlete-centred approach, with the principles of the Athletic Skills Model (ASM). It proposes a model that enhances the necessity of 'dexterity', with key issues such as enhanced functionality, problem-resolution capacity and adaptability.