chapter  3
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Cooperative Data Scheduling via V2V/V2I Communications in Software-Defined Vehicular Networks

ByKai Liu, Victor C. S. Lee, Sang H. Son, Joseph K. Y. Ng, Jiannong Cao, Hongwei Zhang

With recent advances in computing, communication, control, and sensing, vehicular networks are envisioned as a promising paradigm to achieve breakthroughs in transportation safety, efficiency, and sustainability. In particular, efficient data dissemination in vehicular networks is a key enabler for implementing future innovative intelligent transportation systems (ITS), such as intersection control [1], platooning [2], and vehicular localization [3]. However, intrinsic characteristics of vehicular networks including highly dynamic network topology, sparse distribution of infrastructures, high mobility of vehicles, real-time traffic information, and heterogeneous 45wireless communication environments, make it challenging to optimize the utilization of network resources to improve service quality and enhance system scalability.